Maur–Gibson Girl


8 Responses to “Maur–Gibson Girl”

  1. This is really amazing. I wish I could convince my girlfriend to wear her hear like this. Is there a tutorial available anywhere?

    • I am actually writing a book full of tutorials for these hairstyles! But it won’t be out until February. Sorry!

      • That is great. I Can’t wait to see the book published. Is it possible to pre-order it somewhere?

        Also wanted to say I’m really impressed with this blog. I only discovered it a few days ago, searching for Gibson Girl hairstyles, and have started using some of the pictures for pencil portraiture already. A shame it’s not very popular.
        I was wondering whether there will be any pictures of the result of the Georgian/Roccoco style any time soon, there hasn’t been any entry for months, unfortunately. I’m really curious to see how that turned out.

        I’d love to see more from this blog, really!

      • The book will be available on, but the pre-orders haven’t gone up yet. I will definitely post when they do.

        This blog started out as a way for me to communicate and share pictures with two independent study class students I had. The class ended and I stopped paying much attention to it. I can definitely dig up the Georgian/Roccoco pictures if you are interested! (That was their final project.)

        I have always wanted a good place to organize my 1000s of research pictures of hair. Maybe this is the place to do it! I guess I need to dig in and see how to make that work with tagging, etc.

        Thanks so much for the interest! 🙂

    • I actually saw double headbands like this in Target a couple of weeks ago.
      Here is one that looks pretty close:

  2. Yes, keep me updated on the book availability, please. You probably already got people working on it, but I may be able to help out with lay-out and design. I got some experience in that area.

    I’d really love to see the Rococo hairstyles! If you’ve still got them, I can’t wait to see them posted. It’s one of my favourite periods in history (as for hairstyle and fashion).

    I don’t think a blog is an ideal place to store pictures. There are a couple of image sites and applications like Picasa, Phanfare, Photobucket and Flickr which might be more appropriate and extensive. It depends on what you’re most comfortable with; you might as well keep using the blog or create a whole new website.
    I can try to dig up my Dreamweaver skills again to build a website, but that might take some time and effort.

    Just keep in mind that all the hard work is very much appreciated. I’m most likely not the only one out there who admires this.

  3. What will the title of the book be?

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